Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Blur of Another Christmas Past

Poly with Ma & Pa Poly
& Poly sisters posing for annual Xmas card (circa 1965)

(Sorry for blur, but that's what my childhood was)
Aren't I cute as a button?

Santa Stats (Stolen from Humor Matters site)_____________

There are currently 78 people named S. Claus living in the U.S. -- and one Kriss Kringle.

(You gotta wonder about that one kid's parents)

December is the most popular month for nose jobs.

Weight of Santa's sleigh loaded with one Beanie Baby for every kid on earth: 333,333 tons.

Number of reindeer required to pull a 333,333-ton ssleigh: 214,206 -- plus Rudolph.

Average wage of a mall Santa: $11 an hour. With real beard: $20.

To deliver his gifts in one night, Santa would have to make 822.6 visits per second, sleighing at 3,000 times the speed of sound.At that speed, Santa and his reindeer would burst into flameinstantaneously.From


Anonymous said...

I still can't comment on Beta blogs as myself sooooo I will sign my name to this comment at the end of it so you know who it was from!!

The picture looked so cute...I wish you would let us in..I wanna see a picture darn it!!

The Christmas trivia was funny...=)


cinderella said...

Poly, I am testing something out to see if it works, don't mind me =)

Jocelyn said...

I'm trying to figure out the connection between nose jobs and the holidays--do people think that if they look better, Santa will bring them more presents? Go figure. And, yes, you certainly were as cute as a blurry button.

zen wizard said...

There's a town in Georgia named, "Santa Claus" and I never could figure what was up with that.

I guess all of the good names--like Experiment, Climax, and Social Circle--were taken.

Violet said...

Why do you think the number of people having nose jobs is higher in the month of December?

Is it because people have more time off to recover over the holidays?

Is Santa bringing them plastic surgery gift cards for their stockings?

Are they just super self-conscious of their noses with all the attention given to Rudolph?


Dino aka Katy said...

hey I love all the fun facts. hey with all the technology we have these days you can clear up that picture!!!

Polyman3 said...

Tell you the truth, my scanner isn't working and this is an old photo that I took a picture of and downloaded into my computer. This is the best I could get it, but I kind of like it blurred because that's how my childhood memories are.

Hi again sweets.

"Ohhhh, I'm a blurry button short and stout..."
I've been told it's a New Years thing, you know new year-new nose.
...and that's true also- the best looking people do get more presents. That SantaChrist likes beautiful people.

Oh that's an easy one. The town of Santa Clause actually is a jewish settlement...and it's their idea of a sick joke.

Violet honey,
You bring to the table some very valid points which I think are all true- smart lady.

Angela said...

Poly -- we are definitely on the same wave-length, you and me. Glad we yinned and yanged on the downloads! The picture is adorable. Sometimes blurry really is better. Happy Egg Nog!

JLee said...

I like the first cartoon! haha


wow about the nose jobs
gotta look good for those Christmas parties i guess...


is it really only 7:47 there? it's 10:47 here.
k, no more commenting i promise!

starbender said...

Hahahaaa, things were soo much easier to pull off in the 50's & 60's.... U forgot 2 mention how much $money$ it would cost santa 2 fill his sleigh... I guesstimate around a BILLION at least! hahahaa.

This post reminds me of a post I recently posted HERE!!! By all means STOP by!

Otis said...

Poly, I like the idea about the blur.

Cinderella said...

Ok, I am back to my normal self again!! =)

Webmiztris said...

dude. are you trying to tell me Santa isn't real?

Video said...

I like that card! Even if it is blurry.

$11 an hour to let a bunch of rugrat snotty nosed small people climb on santa? Hmmm...that would be a tough decision. Those guys must get every illness around this time of year.

Video said...

CRAP! that was me...Video X...although I haven't seen a lot of videos or video x's running around so I guess you'd probably know that. the beta stuff keeps screwing with me. I'm getting used to it though. someday it will let me post with my blogger stuff i think.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That blurry??? I can't remember a;most nothing from my childhood... is it what you mean?... ;-)
The jokes are very fuunny... I'm still laughing.. ;-))
Happy HNT!

Humm... seems I have to log in with my Google nick... my blogger id is refused...;-(

Anonymous said...

My family never did the Christmas picture thing. We have pictures of each other opening things and bla bla bla, but no all together Christmas family in one shot type stuff. My childhood is blurry too.

Blogger hates me again.


Mone said...

Finally I'm able to post comments again.
Love your stuff as always Poly :)

Polyman3 said...

Yea, I love funny Xmas cartoons. My pic is a pic of a pic, so it downloaded with the blur. Even with adobe, this was the best I could get it. I will post other pics soon that are in better shape.
I promise Katy.

Angela, my new friend,
Seems we are birds of the feather,
so we'll stick together. Happy nog.

Thx, I like my blur pic best.
We were a close disfunctional loving family.

Sassy, my love,
You can visit & comment any time you want babe, I like seeing that beautiful freckled face. Love the freckles. Mrs. P is covered in them too. I play connect the dots.

Oh, forget it- by today's inflation, just feeding the reindeer would cost a bundle.

Thx, my childhood is just feels like a dream now. (or nightmare, depending on which memories are conjoured up)

Looking good now!

Yea- everyone seems to be having problems with Beta, I hope they straighten it out soon.

Oceansearabbit? interesting name change. And yea- that's it exactly,
as I get older my memories are definitly fading to a blur. It's a mind-boggle to me to think my first marriage, when I was 24 was over 20 years ago...oh the horror!

What's happenning babe? Yea, I have tons of pics of my childhood at my Mom's house. My Dad was a photographer (professional & amateur) and my whole childhood is documented. Haven't seen them in years- got to go and check them out again for memory sake.
Good luck with Blogger.

Not you too? Oh Beta- how wicked thou are to my friends.

Dan said...

Poly, great post my friend! Nothing here to make me fear a thunderbolt from God, etc.

I love the fact that you blurred the childhood photo. All memories are like that. French Impressionism (and many of its branches) remind me of memories ... where the image is distinct enough to convey meaning but not enough to convey details.

Hey ... I'm getting too serious here. Better stop now. Happy Holidays or whatever. ;)

april said...

cute as a button; yes, that you are. :)

i love those stats...i'm a collector of useless knowledge, heh.

Gyrobo said...

I had no idea Santa was flameproof! But it all makes sense now; the lies, the body armor, the covert nature of the visits.

Santa is a secret agent.

Zen Wizard said...

If you click on that map, the streets are named, "December" and "Reindeer" and "North Pole" and stuff like that.

Some poor bastard--Jewish or Goy--sure as hell did like Xmas!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I put in a good word for you on Satan's blog. But he doesn't like me much.

Lee Ann said...

I tried to leave a message the other night, but blogger wouldn't let me comment on any of the beta blogs~ :(
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season sweetie!

Lee Ann said...

Oh yeah, you are just as cute as a button!

robmcj said...

You are cute as a brownshirt. Facial hair at such an early age.

Enjoyed the cartoons.

Polyman3 said...

Your serious side frightens me...
please stop, but your point is well taken. Didn't even think of that connection to the French Impressionists- Wow, will you look at that? Hey Ma & Pa we're a friggin' masterpiece.

Good! Then that makes 2 of us. I have the one of the largest quantity of useless information on the net.

There you go- a new screenplay-
soon to be a blockbuster movie starring Sean Connery in his most challenging role ever- Agent SASC.
(Secret Agent Santa Clause)

I fear it was all made under the guise of commercialism-
Santa sells!

Thx anyway but Satan gets kind of grumpy around this time of year cause he gets the same presents every year;
Aqua Velva after shave & Boxer underwear from his demon buddies.

Lee Ann,
I understand honey, don't look so glum, I just got off the phone with Santa and he has a whole bag full of toys for you.
...and yea- I'm just a little love button.

Yes those happy little fun-loving brownshirts, Thx.
...And back then I only shaved twice a day. I only gotten hairier
over the years.

Cinderella said...

Just checking in!! =)

theresa said...

There aren't too many jobs you can get paid extra for being hairy.

Anonymous said...

Love the snowman cartoon and the flat one very funny! And yes you are very cute.

morbid misanthrope said...

Christmas nosejobs followed by Christmas suicides. I love the holidays.

Gyrobo said...

Hey, if anyone could play a secret agent version of Santa, Sean Connery could.


great list bud,did you know that 4 out of 10 grannies on xmas eve die and fall head first into hot soup,shocking.have a nice xmas and new year.

Lee Ann said...

Ola...sweet Poly!

Polyman3 said...

Good. Right on time.

Good point. Life is rough for an
unemployed wolfman.

Why thank you Lori.The only problem is that I'm still blurry.

Now I'm wondering if there is a connection to nose jobs & suicides.

Yes! Providing his Egg Nog was shaken and not stired.

That must be the result of too much nog.
Merry & happy to you too.

Ola Lee Ann,
best of the best to you, love.

robmcj said...

Some of these pics are now popping up at commenters' places, the sincerest flattery.